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Sale: Leftover OLIVIA collection

Hello, I am just selling my spares, so feel free to have a look. In advance, sorry for the phone quality pics, but don't worry too much it is all in good nick :D, and oh yes I do international shipping. Anyway- so here they are:

[Details & pics]
OLIVIA Dress me Up

-2 available
-Great condition
-$13 AUD each

OLIVIA Synchronicity

-First press edition! (seriously)
-No OBI or that slippery case sorry
-$27 AUD


-Good/great condition
-Comes with everything it should (including those little pamplets)
-$26 AUD

OLIVIA The Cloudy Dreamer CD+DVD (Japanese ver)

-Good condition
-Comes with everything it should
-$25 AUD

I know, not Olivia, but I really want to get rid of it:

Persona 3 Portable Soundtrack

-Normal edition
-Comes with everything it should (Obi, etc)
-In almost perfect condition (like new)
-$17 AUD

If you are interested, please COMMENT including you country, so please, please do that so that I can quote you. Please buy, and have a nice day~ (you can haggle me if you want :D)
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OMG! Rare Mini Albums galore!

Hello everyone, I just wanted you all to know that I have found a place where they are selling quite a few of the mini albums. It's at Yahoo auctions Japan and it seems to be all new! I know you can't buy them as they are only domestic shipping, but I high;y recommend to get a proxy to get them for you. Here's the link:

I hope that helps/excite everyone :D
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Burning Q for Lettuce Garden lyrics...

Okay, hi everyone. Been lurking here for a while now, so it's about time I post something. Anyway, here it goes:

I showed the lyrics to a friend of mine, since I was babbling how I love this song, anyways when he read it, he thought it was about sucking, you-know-what when it says "you're a lollipop that I suck on". I'm such an airhead, so I was pretty shocked that this whole song may be about sex, especially if it's my favourite song. Can some English expert, that is good at analysing lyrics and such be about to actually tell me their interpretation of this whole song, since well, I was hoping he was wrong.

Thank you in advance.