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The Olivia Lufkin Community
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This is the first LJ community dedicated to the half Japanese half Caucasian singer/songwriter, Olivia Lufkin. A musician whose amazing talent and wonderfully off beat sense of style has earned her a large and loyal fan base outside of Japan. With musical diversity ranging from electronica to trip-hop to rock and beyond, Olivia's music offers such an amazing variety in styles that just about anyone can find a song they enjoy. However her talent doesn't end with music. She's an artist, adding illustrations to some of her own CDs as well as a few covers for her sister Caroline. She also has many connections to the Japanese fashion industry. Occasionally seen modeling in magazines she started her own fashion label, Black Daisy Ville, with her friend Friedia Niimura (a.k.a. Rin Kozue) in 2003. Unfortunately after a couple seasons Friedia moved to L.A. and the line was ended, although with a little ingenuity you can still locate some pieces.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the community but remember, most of the good posts are for members only so show your support and join!

☆ Rules:

01. Please make your posts related to Olivia in some way, unless you're making an introductory post.

02. The LJ-cut can be your best friend, please use it for long posts and large pictures.

03. There is no asking for nor sharing of music and video files on a public post.

If you have any problems or questions please direct them to either oddkittie or b_banzai.

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☆ Extra:

Facebook - OLIVIA's official music page on Facebook.

Myspace Music - OLIVIA's official music page on Myspace.

OliviaLufkinOnline - Largest Olivia fansite; filled with lyrics, song samples, scans and interviews.

Olivia on Wikipedia - Learn every thing you could possibly ever want to know about Olivia's career.

Blind Unicorn - A great Italian forum, welcomes foreigners.

LIVeyBlog - A Japanese fan blog which offers mostly information about tour dates and shows.

the OLIVIA dreamer - A Korean site with a built in forum, welcomes foreigners.

Don't Dress me Up - An OLIVIA fanlisting.

Anna & Olivia - A French site dedicated to both Japanese singers, now with a forum.

OLIVIALUFKIN.US - A new English fansite with a gallery and forum.

Olivia Lufkin +JMusic - A Spanish fanblog dedicated to Olivia with some side posts featuring other Japanese artists.

Shining Olivia Lufkin - A lovely French forum for the singer.